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We deliver powerful media through visual & written solutions.

Website Design

This service includes creating a viable and creative website to attract and capture the interest of the public to act on our clients products or services.


Video Camera
Product Demonstrations

This service will consist of 2DK Visuals creating video demonstrations and productions of our client's featured products. 

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Brand Awareness

This service will include creating video ads for our client's company to present to the public.


TV Host
Video Resumes

This service includes creating and editing video resumes to present to companies for the purposes of presenting our clients in a positive light to a potential employer, client, publicist, agent, or director. This will include monologues, resumes, and personal introductions. 


Informational Interview

This service includes creating a Zoom interview about our client's company, services, and products; while presenting a positive image to the public.



This service includes creating a written personal and/or company bio, press release, or author profile to display our client's persona. .


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